It is understandable when people want to boost their stamina in bed. Because sex is not just about your pleasure, it’s also about pleasing your partner. For that you will want to hold your erections for a longer period of time. Surveys and studies tell us that majority men across the world last only a couple of minutes in every time they have sex with their partner. This can be embarrassing and frustrating both and may cause tensions in your relationship. However there are ways to boost your sexual stamina so you need not lose hope.

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Below are 8 sexual stamina boosting tips you should take note of.

  1. Reduce intake of alcohol

To increase your sexual stamina you will have to reevaluate your thirst for alcohol. Alcohol can seriously impact your sexual hormone levels and lower your sex drive. Alcohol with friends might make your gatherings more fun but they will not with your partner in bed. So you will have to go easy on your alcoholic beverages.

  1. Masturbate- but not too much

You will have to save some of the energy for the real thing. Masturbation or ‘self-love’ can harm your chances of making a powerful first impression. No matter how compelled, aroused or desperate you may be to masturbate you must refrain from it to make the real sex more potent. You should understand this by the analogy of sex as a marathon and masturbation as a sprint. Masturbation is also said to be helpful to control your ejaculation especially if you practice with the squeeze technique. This is mostly because those who engage in masturbation become accustomed to deriving more pleasure from the hand practice than with the real thing. Jes Extender Review

  1. Work on your groin muscles

After a night of sex, if you find yourself struggling with muscular pain in the morning it may help to stretch your groin on a regular basis. This will keep your groin area primed and prepared for even adventurous sexual positions. The basic groin stretch exercises will prepare your body for the epic sexual adventures, so try out a few of them and make sure you do them regularly.

  1. Improve the blood-flow

Your erections are based on your blood flow to your penis. So, for harder and lasting erections you will need to improve the blood flow in your body. For this you can try a number of things and it is best if you adopt more natural approaches to improve blood circulation. These approaches may also save your trip to the doctor if you experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction. If you regularly flex and massage the central groin muscles of your body, it will increase the blood flow to your groin, without using Viagra. Exercising and improving your diet to include certain foods like onions, garlic, chilies and pepper will increase and improve your blood circulation. So adopt an active lifestyle with a healthy diet to boost your stamina in bed.

5 .Build your arm muscles

Depending on the position you adopt, sexual stamina may require a great deal of upper-body strength. For this it might be a good idea to do some weight-training to tone up your arm muscles. Upper body exercise can also keep you energized for a long lasting sex.

6 . Keep a balanced weight

Obesity is a libido killer and people who are overweight also struggle with arousal and sexual stamina issues. Try to stay slim for a great sex life. Being overweight will also affect the production of testosterone in the body which is a key hormone for your sexuality. You will have to make exercise a habit to keep your weight balanced.

7 .Do kegel exercises

Kegels are a recommended exercise to boost your sexual performance and the health of your pelvic region. They will also help you to maintain control and will enhance the intensity of your orgasms. Kegels can also help alleviate conditions like erectile dysfunction. This exercise will augment your endurance, strengthen and tone up your PC muscles which will increase your endurance.

  1. Have more sex

Practice makes perfect. So be more passionate and have more sex with your partner. The more sex you have the better your sexual performance will be and your sexual stamina will increase.

The above mentioned tips will boost your stamina for more fulfilling sex. In conjunction with these tips you can also use SizeGenetics. It is a safe male enhancement device with money back guarantee that can increase the size of your member from 1-2.5 inches giving you the confidence you need. The results of SizeGenetics  are painless, safe and permanent without any side effects.