Imagine winning over the person you had been chasing for a long time. Now imagine them agreeing to go out with you. Lastly, imagine yourselves in bed. Fantasy, right?

But it doesn’t seem so fantastic anymore if you exhibit a very low sexual stamina. It is one of the most confidence shattering and humiliating situations to ever come across. Wouldn’t you want to experience nights of your lifetime with your partner? Wouldn’t you want to pleasure them and get pleasured yourself too? For this to be possible the first major step is to increase your sexual stamina. But it isn’t as hard as people often consider it to be.

For quick results you can resort to enhancement pills such as the much appreciated and used Male Extra, or you can take it slow and build your sexual stamina gradually.

With a few simple steps you will be on the road to experiencing mind-blowing and earth-splitting sex like never before.

  • Indulge in joyful foreplay

It is very true that engaging in playful foreplay before sexual intercourse heightens your arousal, makes you well-prepared for it and makes it much more pleasurable than it would have been otherwise. So whisper into each other’s ears, involve oral sex and hit the right pleasure spots to intensify your experience.

  • Choose the right diet

There are certain foods which help you stay active and increase your libido. They do this by making your body release certain chemicals which amplify your sexual stamina. Bananas, chillies, grapes, foods containing Vitamin B12, all help in boosting your stamina. Sex is somewhat like a workout and similarly, it requires a good diet and nutrition.

  • Get your heart checked

Blood flow is completely regulated by our heart which means that blood being delivered to genitals and its pressure has everything to do with the heart. For instance, someone might have erectile dysfunction due to a narrowed artery or blockage in any vein. Due to such issues, sexual stamina and cardiac diseases can have a very direct relation so one must consult an expert to ensure that their lack of libido and sexual stamina is not stemming from any problem related to the heart.

  • Use lubricants

Lubricants can make the process of having sex very easy, very comfortable and very painless. The common belief that only older people need to use lubricants to overcome dryness is not true at all – younger ones can equally derive help from them.

  • Listen to your partner

It is highly important to listen to your partner and frequently take their opinion on things. Ask them what positions they want to try, what they are comfortable or uncomfortable in, what makes them feel the most pleasure, and if they are liking your actions or not. This can make a huge difference in the overall experience. If you both know what you want and like, sex will be many times more comfortable and pleasurable.

  • Exercise for 30 minutes daily

Any physical activity requires a good amount of practice before you can get great at it. So is the case with sex where you can increase your stamina by regularly exercising to make yourself more physically active. There is no need to go to a gym and carry out bizarre workout routines. A simple 30 minutes of hard and fast exercises at home can also make your sexual stamina increase to much greater levels.

  • Take out proper time

The main goal of sex is to provide pleasure – something that is ripped away the moment you start rushing through the process. It is essential to take out proper time from your routine and set it aside for sex. At this certain time leave aside all your work, worries and stress. Simply enjoy the moments with your partner. The more relaxed you will be, the greater pleasure you will be able to derive out of sex.

  • Get enough sleep

Since it requires a lot of movement and physical activity, having a well rested and fresh body is a must for sex. If you are tired and exhausted you would be able to perform well in bed and would end up disappointing your partner and yourself. The more active and aware you are during sex, the greater your sexual stamina. So make sure you get good enough sleep before you get under the sheets with someone. Maxoderm Review

  • Don’t expect too much

Much of our displeasure and disappointment regarding sex comes from our unrealistically high expectations of sex. Sure, it is something meant to be enjoyed, something that gives you pleasure. However, simply relax and enjoy sex while it lasts without looking forward to an experience of a lifetime.

  • Get medical help

At times, the real cause of low sexual stamina cannot be identified very easily. There can be many medical issues leading to poor performance in the bedroom. If one gets himself or herself thoroughly checked for any physiological or psychological problem which might be hindering high sexual stamina, it will help him or her know the exact cause and get or treated professionally.