The well known drill suggests that we consume less calories and burn more!

yoga for weight loss

However much we try to follow this notion, something ought to go wrong! Either our meals will be cheesy or on the other hand, we won’t have time to work out!

Whichever the case, the trick is to get slimmer by the day by making small everyday changes in the routine.

If you are not familiar with the sweet little twists, some of them include eating in a small pate to trick the brain, opting for diet pills like PhenQ, taking the staircase instead of the elevator and the list goes on!

Check out the top 10 effortless tricks given below which you can incorporate in your routine and wake up slimmer each passing day.

Add more, Subtract Less

Whereas most people believe that by rather eating less each day they can gain less weight, however, this is just a myth.

Instead, by eating more meals per day, you can lose weight in a more efficient manner.

Why so? Only because when you eat more than 4 times a day, your metabolic rate stays on the roll and the digestive system also stays active.

When you starve yourself, the body goes into emergency mode and starts storing all the energy in the shape of fat.

Hence, 4 small meals (healthy foods) are ideal!

Add Apple Cider Vinegar to your Meals

Apple cider vinegar is mostly known as a salad dressing or a marinating ingredient, however, this baby can actually help you lose weight in multiple ways.

It helps boost the metabolism while helping you curb your hunger pangs.

Apart from these, it is also a natural antioxidant which helps remove toxins from the body and helps the burning of stored fat immensely.

Dance it off

If conventional exercises or going to the gym don’t get you rolling’, maybe you can switch to dancing at home when alone.

Not only is this a fun way to lose weight but you also don’t have to worry about paying for the gym, people staring at you or travelling to the gym every day.

Simply play your favorite tunes and start dancing in the most weird ways! Trust us, the more you move, the more you lose!

Midnight Cravings?

Are you someone who loves to munch on random snacks while watching movies during the night?

Well, just to let you know, your midnight munching on crisps and other processed food items is only adding to your belly bloating sodium count!

Make one change a day and gradually start eating more throughout the day so that you eat less or nothing during the night.

Otherwise, push your dinner half an hour late so that you stay full during the night.

Crunch is your Game!

No, do not visualize crisps and wafers! Become a crunch munching machine by keeping one meal a day full of veggies and fruits.

Perhaps at 5pm? Or 6pm? Whenever it suits you, grab a plate or bowl full of fruits like apples, pears, bananas, oranges, etc. Veggies can include carrots, broccoli, onions, cucumber, etc.

Guess what? You will be losing up to 6% calories all day long effortlessly.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

If you want to become as slim and as beautiful as snow-white’s mother, hang a mirror on the wall opposite to your dining table.

Why? Research revealed that people who looked at themselves while eating food, ate less as it struck to them that they needed to lose weight instead of filling their tummies.

Running for weight loss

Lose one unhealthy habit a day!

Becoming perfect all of a sudden can be un-achievable as well as dangerous to the body. Nevertheless, we can try to perfect ourselves slowly and gradually, right? Starting now is not a bad idea either.

Thus, simply cut back on one bad habit such as eating one less chocolate, drinking one less fizzy drink, going for a walk, sleeping early, waking u early, etc.

Sleep Soundly

Sleeping well at night can actually help you lose weight naturally. Sleeping helps our body rest, regain the strength, etc. Sleeping 8 hours at night is ideal. Thus, sleep without bright lights, sounds or noises and sleep in one go.

Go Blue

Studies show that the color blue can help you eat less, become stress free and ultimately help you lose weight.

Surround yourself with the color blue by switching to blue plates, a blue table cloth, blue walls, etc.

Food it Upside Down!

A weird yet effective trick is to butter your toasts, salt the French fries, or dress the salad upside down.

This way, the flavors directly touch your tongue, making you less prone on using additional spreads or butter for taste. Hence, you will lose more calories with every bite!

Simply add dietary supplements like PhenQ to your routine, quit one bad habit at a time, dance away and you will wake up slimmer the next day!