Anabolic Steroids: Facts, Effects and Health Risks

Anabolic steroids are a male hormone drug that contains a chemical called testosterone which promotes muscle growth in both male and female. However, it is extremely advisable to take a look at its effects and health risks before considering it as a shortcut to physical growth.

Medical Uses of Anabolic Steroids

Doctors often recommend to use anabolic steroids to promote growth in patients who have an unhealthy physical structure and weight for unexplained medical reasons. Moreover, they may, sometimes, be prescribed for patients who lose excess weight after a serious illness.

Apart from that, doctors often choose to treat male patients who face the delayed puberty, hormone problems or low testosterone level by prescribing anabolic steroids.

Women patients are, however, may be advised to use them only in severe cases, like during breast cancer or HIV treatments in which they suffer a huge amount of weight loss and weakness.

In What Other Circumstances Are Anabolics Used

These days athletes use anabolic steroid as a shortcut to muscle growth and increased physical strength. The chemical formulae in these steroids manipulate hormone levels to increase the energy level in the body which allows athletes to have a competitive edge over their opponents.

The fact that they can be taken orally, applied as gel cream on affected areas or injected directly into veins to cause stimulation instantly increases the illegal use of these steroids.

Although the specific purpose is served, anabolic steroids may prove to be harmful if they are taken without doctor supervision. Also, like most drugs, you are prone to addiction if you use them in huge doses for a longer period of time.

The Alarmingly Harmful Effects of Anabolic Steroids on a Male and Female Body

Even though anabolic steroids are prescribed by doctors and have positive effects on the muscles mass and energy level in a male body, it may affect your health dangerously.

Some of these harmful effects are found in men, which are short term and can be reversed with proper medical treatment, including an increase in facial hair, low sperm count, impotency or difficulty in urinating.

On the other hand, if the steroids are regularly used for a long period, it can lead to heart and liver diseases, development of man breast and shrinking of the testicles. Unfortunately, the above illnesses cannot be treated medically unless they are caught in the early stages

Since anabolic steroid is derived from male sex hormone, it may have short-term masculine effects on a woman’s body like breast reduction and increased facial hair. Other harmful effects like deepening of the voice and irregular menstrual cycle are long-term and considerably dangerous since they have lengthy medical treatments.

Anabolic Steroids Can Cause Serious Skin Diseases and Other Health Problems

Like we discovered earlier, anabolic steroids have serious health risks and should be considered as a harmful drug. Some of these health risks can be found in both male and female and are caused due to over dosage and addiction.

Continued use of these drugs causes acne, rapid weight gain and unhealthy increase in muscle mass. They may also decrease your sexual functioning and cause an inability to sleep, which adversely affects your everyday life.

Moreover, there are frequent chances of more serious long term damages such as an increase in blood pressure and cholesterol level which leads to clotting disorders and heart attacks.

Moreover, like any other drugs, anabolic may lead to bacterial infections and HIV or AIDS if they are being injected into the body.

Are Crazybulk Products Different From Other Anabolic Steroids?

The Crazybulk works like an anabolic steroid as it is a mass building supplement and increases muscle growth. However, it is quite different from other anabolics as it contains no harmful effects and is 100% legal.

The Crazy bulk is used by fitness freaks who want to achieve more muscle mass and energy level to carry out their daily activities.

The best part about this product is that it offers a wide range of different supplements to suit your exact need. All of these supplements have to be taken orally, thus, avoiding the negative effects caused by injections.

One big advantage of Crazybulk is that the product is approved by FDA in the United States which makes it completely safe. As it offers a variety of products at an affordable price.

It has set its mark in the drug market. It is recommended for anyone who wants to achieve their fitness goal and can be bought without any medical prescription.


No matter how safe a steroid or drug is, its overdose and unhealthy intake will always have adverse and harmful effects on our body. Therefore, I advise you to be careful and preferably consult a medical professional before you use these steroids.

I however, believe that unless you have a medical problem that stunts growth, you should exercise regularly, observe a healthy diet and manage your sleeping routine to have a healthier and more energetic body, besides using drugs as a shortcut to your health problems.

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